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The results of lotteries and bets on your website, in real time

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Lotteryresults.today offers you free of charge the most advanced lottery widgets to be inserted in your websites and projects. You just have to customize it and copy the code, your widget will look like this:

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Configure your widget


This design allows you to add columns and add content to each of them.

This design allows you to add each content as a new tab.


4. Options

With responsive width, the widget will adapt to the total width of the html element in which it is inserted (minimum 250px). On the other hand, if you make a fixed width, the widget will always have that width.

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Este botón de jugar te permite monetizar el widget. Recibirás una remuneración económica por cada usuario que nos envíes. Introduce aquí tu email para localizar tu cuenta y poder contactarte, y contacta con Combinacionganadora.com para recibir información.

Mientras tanto, puedes añadir el widget a tu site, no aparecerá el botón de jugar hasta que te informemos de los detalles y aceptes.

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