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Notices against fraud

Scams in the lottery: how to avoid them

As with many other security issues, the main weapon in the fight against fraud is using common sense: have you played the lottery? If the answer is no, it is totally impossible for you to win the lottery. If affirmative, the way to withdraw your prize is through the corresponding lottery shop, or through the payment of the prize by the management entity in which you have entrusted to play. If you follow common sense, you can play and enjoy the lottery with total security

Some tips to avoid falling into a fraud

Besides common sense, it will help you to know some methods that are used to make scams

  • Some scammers can call you or send you an email asking for personal information. Do not provide information to anyone with whom you have not had prior contact or have requested it
  • It is very common for scammers to send or make calls indicating that you have received a lottery prize, and they will ask you for money to manage the withdrawal. You will NEVER be asked for money to manage a prize payment
  • Do not trust websites that are not sufficiently accredited, and that do not belong to trusted organizations such as Confianza Online . Remember also that the pages with the green bar (EV, extended validation) offer greater security since they have been verified by an SSL security certification entity

What to do if you think you have been swindled