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Previous draws of ThunderBall

In Lotteryresults you have a history with previous draws of recent years. When you visualize a result, you have a date selector. You can also check the list in Previous results of ThunderBall

The Thunderball ticket

If a Thunderball ticket you will find 6 boards labeled A to F. Each board presents numbers from 1 to 39 that must be checked. Also a block with numbers from 1 to 14 is presented in each board. These numbers represent the Thunderball.

For playing a Thunderball ticket, the player must check 5 numbers (1 to 39) and 1 Thunderball number (1 to 14) per board.

A minimum of 1 board (1 bet) must be completed for a ticket to be validated. You can play up to 6 boards (6 bets).

Every ticket of Thunderball gives the chance of playing for several draws celebrated through the week. You can play for Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday or a weekly bet. With just marking which draw you want to participate in, you can play in the next draw or in all the draws celebrated within the week.

  • Daily draw: by marking either Tuesday's, Wednesday's, Friday's or Saturday's draw, you can play in the selected draw while it has not been celebrated yet. If it was, you will play on the same day but for the next round.
  • Weekly draw: you can play all the draws celebrated in a week, if you mark all the draws in the ticket. If one of the draws has been already celebrated, you will play your weekly ticket for the next round, even if the remaining draws haven't been celebrated yet.

In a Thunderball ticket, you can also specify how many weeks you want to play for. You can play from 2 to 4 weeks, playing the same numbers and Thunderball draws for the specified time.

There are lottery management services that not only can provide you with the described services above, but also allow you to play random combinations for each draw, subscriptions for auto renewal, automatic betting and more.