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Set For Lifemonday 29 november 2021

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Prize breakdown

Category Winners Prizes
Match 5 + 🏐 0 10.000,00€
Match 5 2 10.000,00€
Match 4 + 🏐 29 250,00€
Match 4 227 50,00€
Match 3 + 🏐 1.155 30,00€
Match 3 9.360 20,00€
Match 2 + 🏐 16.225 10,00€
Match 2 131.606 5,00€
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The game of Set For Life

Set For Life is part of the National Lottery offer in the UK, introduced as a brand new annuity game in UK lottery. It's a weekly game played on Monday and Thursday where players can win an amazing prize of £10.000 every month for 30 years if they hit a first category prize.


The prize of each bet of Set For Life is £1.50 (per line)

Draws to participate and schedules

Actually, two Set For Life draws are held weekly, on Monday and Thursday.

  • Daily drawing: you can participate in the daily draw on Monday or Thursday. Tickets validated in time for the selected draws, will be played in the current round. If they are validated out of time or the days marked already passed, they will be played in the next round.
  • Weekly drawing: you can participate in all draws: Monday and Thursday. Remember that you play with the same predictions and bets for all the draws selected. If they are validated out of time or the days marked already passed, they will be played in the next round.

How to play

Playing is simple, you only need to pick 5 numbers, ranging from 1 to 47, and a "Life Ball" from 1 to 10 per line. You can play up to several lines, each of them conform a bet.

Draw script

In a Set For Life draw, 5 balls are extracted (numbers from 1 to 47) from a pool of 47 balls. During the draw, the extraction of 5 balls will produce the main combination for the current draw.

After that, a "Life Ball" is extracted. This Life Ball ranges from 1 to 10 also. The combination of different main numbers with the "Life Ball", will produce the different winning categories.

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