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Lotto HotPicks

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Previous draws of Lotto HotPicks

In Lotteryresults you have a history with previous draws of recent years. When you visualize a result, you have a date selector. You can also check the list in Previous results of Lotto HotPicks

Categories and prizes of Lotto HotPicks

In Lotto HotPicks there are no categories based on the different matches of the winning combination. Instead, all the numbers per board must match in order to get a price. Is the player who decides the complexity of its bets, being "Pick 1" the highest probability but lowest prizes values, and "Pick 5" the lowest probability but highest prizes values.

The prizes are fixed, it means that whatever the amount that draw has collected, it won't have impact on prizes, they remain the same per each game and they are not subject to sharing. This means that if there are 2 player winning a 4-numbers prize, the amount wont be shared between players, all of them will receive the full prize corresponding to its category.

Game Prize
Pick 5 £350.000
Pick 4 £13.000
Pick 3 £800
Pick 2 £60
Pick 1 £6

The percentage of sales available for prizes for each game is shown as follows:

Game Allocated
Pick 5 41,95%
Pick 4 42,85%
Pick 3 49,22%
Pick 2 52,6%
Pick 1 61,02%

Like Lotto, Lotto HotPicks is also subject to prize capping only in cases of very rare circumstances.