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Lotto curiosities


Lotto was launched in 1994 as the first UK National Lottery game, beginning with a single weekly draw on Saturday.

At first, it was named "The National Lottery" to change its name later, on 2002. Until this date, Lotto already had paid major prizes for the lucky winners who were able to get £22.5 millions for a single ticket, and £42 millions shared by three anonymous winners.

Later, an additional draw was added, conforming the actual 2 weekly draws on Wednesday and Saturday.

In several occasions, the rollover limit increased. From three draws to four, and from four to five in order to offer bigger prizes. Before moving from four to five, there was a period where the Jackpot was able to rise to £50 millions. There years later a new rule came, increasing the rollover to five.

The biggest jackpot offered in Lotto was £66 millions on January the 9th, shared between two player who won £33 millions each.

It's important to mention that in every game offered by National Lottery, part of the sales are aimed to Good Causes projects. No matter if they are sold by official channels or lottery management services.