Play Euromillions

How to play Euromillions?

Prizes: once the draw is over, you can check your receipt in any lottery shop, or if you have played online you will be able to check your prizes on the web. In this second case, you can use your prizes to continue playing or withdraw them to your bank account

And above all: enjoy: obviously, the goal of playing is to win good prizes, but it is always very positive that you take it as a hobby because it generates illusion and a healthy tingling

Requirements: it’s mandatory that you have to be of legal age . If you think you have a problem with the game, you should not play.

Comprar Euromillions

You can play Euromillions both physically and online, with the same guarantees but indeed each method has its pros and cons:

Lottofy: play online

In this case we recommend Lottofy to play Euromillions, because it manages hundreds of thousands of users and bets, with all its automated processes and with the maximum guarantee of security and professionalism. Comprar Euromillions online te ofrece una gran serie de ventajas.


  • Avoid traveling, bad weather, queues, etc.
  • You can play at any time and from anywhere with your mobile
  • You manage your bets better and you can see your prizes instantly
  • It allows you to play using formulas, join syndicates, etc.
  • You have personalized attention by email, chat and telephone

Physically: in an Official Lottery Shop


  • The validated receipts of Euromillions are kept and guarded by yourself
  • Lottery shops attendants can advise you, and the treatment uses to be very human
  • If the weather is nice you can take a walk to your favorite lottery shop

Obviously, you can combine both ways to play, and use the one you are more interested in every moment


Play your ticket of Euromillions online with full guarantee. Play from any device: app, mobile, tablet, computer ... and from anywhere. Uses exclusive formulas and game methods

You will receive notifications with your prizes, and you can reuse your balance to continue playing or you can withdraw it to your bank account.


Union make force. And precisely, this syndicate is very strong: you play hundreds of bets for very little, joining efforts with other participants.

The optimal way to win the lottery. Large number of bets in very powerful combinations that seek maximum profit.

50/50 Fund

An exclusive game method of% 1: the funds. In the fund, all the participants gather their bets to play in common.

Share your bets with other players: 50% of the prize is won by the bettor, 50% is shared among the other players. You will have more chances to win while maintaining big pot odds.


Another exclusive method of Lottofy: groups. The groups are syndicates created by users, which can be public so that anyone can join, or private to play with your friends only.

You can join one of those public syndicates if you think the tipster is good, or you can create a syndicate yourself, do you dare?.